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A DECADE ago, this initiation started just because of the extreme obsessions with kids. Kids are the budding masters and the blooming angels of the earth with immaculate souls. In order to serve the specialized child education even to the students of non-urban areas, we started initiating this with utmost care. Within a year parents from nearby rural and urban areas started their child admission with I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL.

“Childhood is a foundational stage when every child needs to be programmed for futuristic and ambitious skills for building the nation. Running playschools is least important than to carry immense responsibility for shaping a child into human to the society. Meticulous framing of the syllabus & fee structure will never be hindrance to both parents and students”

– Overwhelmed by Mrs. Sathya Kamaraj – Chairman & CEO of I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL.


Childhood is a blessing where we unconsciously collect tons of memories. Kids collect their social knowledge through their parents and grand-parents. Children of now-a-days are not that much blessed to spend the time with their busiest family. To be honest, I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL is a place to carry your children to the kids of their own.


Every master of this day was once a beginner in his field. Child growth is a budding stage when we as a parent should give them the uncompromising social education to make them BEST HUMAN in the society. As a child education institute, I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL always takes an immense responsibility to take care kids’ development in terms of claiming socially, literary and behavioral balance. Everything and a passionate initiation started A DECADE BEFORE.I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL was inclinated towards providing “THE BEST & UNCOMPROMISING CHILD EDUCATION at the place where child’s education were given least important.

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The growing children need more pampering.


Our super-specialized kinder garden teachers handle every child by love and affection. In fact, the qualified teachers with absolute obsession on kids are appointed as the teachers to handle the I-SMART PLAYSCHOOL children. Kids are like growing fly-craft they need wings not the pushing heights.

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What Parents Say

"I'm so happy about my son Rohan . Basically I'm a working woman same as my husband we felt safe to handle our kid to educate in such a way in a caring atmosphere. Yesh thanks to i-Smart Playschool he is actively participating every activities now... Feels good seriously. Thanks"


I'm a parent of Yakshini. She was 4 when she started her schooling. It's been 2 years she is in her UKG so happy to see her all the way happy and enthusiast on her school times. Thanks to i-Smart Playschool. Even her food habits is so good now.


Honestly I didn't find any time to spend with my kid. Shrinisa is my younger daughter actually she is hyper active and uncontrollable. I-Smart faculty mould her such a way a balanced kid. Happy about her.


Nivin was a deaf boy and less active. We worried about him as a parent we opted i-Smart Playschool which was a referral from my cousin. Thank you he is now active as other kids.